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Singapore Diabetic Retinopathy Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Imaging (DREAM)

This program will enable the establishment of Singapore’s first integrated program examining the epidemiology, novel risk factors and biomarkers and retinal imaging of DR. This project will build on a track record of an internationally competitive research program in Singapore. The impact of this research may improve the early detection, diagnosis and prediction of DR enable early targeted medical intervention with the potential to reduce disease progression. An important aspect of this research is to enhance and forge new collaborative research partners with key researchers and clinicians, and national and international institutions in the appropriate fields. This will facilitate the growth of new projects that incorporate these novel imaging and systemic biomarkers as an adjunct to the current diagnostic arrangements. The program will thus build significant technological advances in biomedical imaging and systemic biomarkers in Singapore, and will foster and strengthen cross-disciplinary translational research collaborations between clinicians, epidemiologists, biochemists and computer scientists, ultimately increasing the capability and reputation of biomedical research in Singapore.

Team members:

Name Role in the program
Prof Wong Tien Yin PI
A/Prof Mohammad Kamran Ikram Co-I
Prof Lamoureux Ecosse Co-I
A/Prof Cheng Ching-Yu Co-I
Dr Cheung Yim Lui, Carol Co-I
Dr Sabanayagam Charumathi Co-I
A/Prof Tai E Shyong Co-I
Dr Zhou Lei Co-I
Prof Wynne Hsu Co-I
A/Prof Janice Lee Mong Li Co-I
A/Prof Li Jia Liang Co-I
Prof Ronald Klein Collaborator
Prof Paul Mitchell Collaborator
Prof Jie Jin Wang Collaborator
Dr Tan Ngiap Chuan Collaborator
A/Prof Lim Wei Yen Collaborator