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Make a Gift of Sight


Envisioning Our Future: Our Research

The major eye diseases of aging i.e. cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are the leading causes of visual impairment and disability in elderly people. With the inevitable advent of an aging population in Singapore aptly termed the “silver tsunami”, there is a need to focus on these eye diseases of concern. Keenly attuned to the changing health demographics, SERI will concentrate its focus on these areas of concern, whilst not neglecting the rest, with our ultimate aspiration always in focus i.e. to do good research of direct relevance to our patients and the general public.

Commitment to Our Patients

At SERI, our patients are the driving force behind all that we do.Their journey and courage serve as catalyst to spur us on in our research endeavours, so that we are able to make a positive difference to their vision and their lives. In this quest of ours, we are humbled and remain grateful to out patients who have supported and participated in our studies, and remain the focus of our research.

Be The Light For Those In The Darkness

Visual impairment and eye diseases exact a great price on individuals and our society. Vision loss robs people of their independence, mobility and quality of life. SERI is uniquely positioned to move even closer to a world without eye disease or blindness. You too, can be part of the SERI journey – to bring happiness and a better quality of life to those with impaired vision. You can be a part of the amazing change to their lives. Indeed, the gift of sight is in your hands. Reach out today and support SERI in our battle against eye disease.


left_quotesA patient who is blind in one eye from end stage glaucoma once asked me: “Is there any treatment to repair my nerve so that I can see again? I am willing to try any new form of therapy you may know of”. It would be a tremendous achievement if we could repair or regenerate the damaged optic nerve using cell based therapy. This is an example of the clinical challenges we endeavour to overcome in research, often arising from the limitations of the current therapies we have available to treat out patients in the clinic. And this is our goal – to be the catalyst for these pioneering breakthroughs that will benefit millions of people who suffer from debilitating eye diseases worldwide. right_quotes

A/Prof Tina Wong
Senior consultant,
Glaucoma Service,

Ocular Therapeutics &
Drug Delivery,

For donations, please forward a crossed cheque drawn up to “SNEC-General Fund” to the following address:
Singapore Eye Research Institute
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(Attn: Ms Angeline Neo, Research Finance Services)

Do kindly indicate your NRIC/ FIN number/UEN number for automatic 250% tax deduction.

For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact:
Sharmila Kannan, Director, Admininistration, Research Affairs & Support Services
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