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Res Group - Glaucoma


Angle Closure Glaucoma
Goal: To improve understanding and management of angle closure glaucoma (PACG)
Current research includes evaluation and phenotypic characterization of primary angle closure glaucoma patients, improved screening modalities for angle closure and better management of the disease. An ongoing clinical trial aims to compare laser iridotomy (LI) with no treatment in subjects with asymptomatic narrow angles, the anatomical trait that predisposes to PACG, in order to assess the effectiveness of prophylactic treatment in the prevention of blindness due to PACG.

Glaucoma Imaging and Clinical Research
Goal: To develop enhanced imaging modality and treatments for glaucoma
This group encompasses research that involves the evaluation of various imaging devices (eg Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM), optical coherence tomography, Retcam etc); studies on medical, laser and surgical management of glaucoma, epidemiological studies as well as new techniques in glaucoma such as pupillometry, motion detection perimetry, 24-hour IOP monitoring and Oxymap


Glaucoma Genetics
Goal: To identify gene(s) underlying glaucoma
Current research involves the identification of novel loci for PACG and POAG, both monogenic and polygenic, by traditional family based linkage, candidate gene and genome wide association analyses. Recently, we identified three novel genetic loci in PACG and we will be following up patients at risk to evaluate these and other loci in profiling genetic and anatomical risks for progression. Further, we are characterizing the genetic loci in PACG in cell lines and hope to identify molecular targets of importance in pathogenesis and management of PACG.

Biomechanics and Glaucoma
Goal: To develop biomarkers using biomechanical properties of tissues in the anterior segment and Optic nerve head, related to glaucoma
Research related to biomechanics of optic nerve head and anterior segment tissues is the main focus of a team of scientists from NUS and SERI. Several studies in primates and humans are being conducted to evaluate these properties and efforts are made to find their association to diagnosis of the types of glaucoma and prognosis related to progression and management.

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Research Doctors

Name Designation
Prof Aung Tin Senior Consultant, SNEC
Adj. A/Prof Ho Ching Lin Senior Consultant, SNEC
Adj. A/Prof Rahat Husain Senior Consultant, SNEC
Adj. A/Prof Shamira Perera Senior Consultant, SNEC
Dr Boey Pui Yi Consultant, SNEC
Dr Desmond Quek Consultant, SNEC
Dr Alicia How Consultant, SNEC
Dr Jocelyn Chua Consultant, SNEC
Dr Daniel Su Consultant, SNEC
Dr Michael Girard Research Scientist
A/Prof Cheng Ching-Yu Head, Ocular Epidemiology Research Group
Dr Baskaran Mani Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Monisha Esther Nongpiur Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Sourabh Sharma Clinical Research Fellow, SERI
Dr Eray Atalay Clinical Research Fellow, SERI
Dr Sushma Verma Clinical Research Fellow, SERI
Dr Tin Aung Tun Clinical Research Associate II

Research Optometrists/ Coordinators/ Assistants

Name Designation
Serena Ting Assistant Manager (Clinical Trial Coordinators)
Teo Soh Chin Research Optometrist II
Stella Ng Research Optometrist
Ooi Ya Ying Research Coordinator II
Elaine Tang Research Coordinator
Lai Yan See Research Coordinator
Cynthia Ong Research Coordinator
Wong Pooi San Research Coordinator
Anna Sim Clinical Trial Coordinator
Cheryl Tan Clinical Trial Coordinator
Elaine Chua Clinical Trial Coordinator
Evelyn Ho Clinical Trial Coordinator
Jennie Cheong Clinical Trial Coordinator
Eve Sim Project Assistant

Genetics Team

Name Designation
A/Prof Eranga Vithana Senior Principal Research Scientist
Dr Khor Chiea Chuen (GIS) Research Scientist
Dr Lee Mei Chin Senior Research Fellow
Victor Yong Research Officer
Ng Xiao Yu Research Officer
Goh Shuang Ru Research Officer
Chong Yaan Fun Research Assistant
Chen Yue Ming Research Assistant

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