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Ocular Inflammation & Immunology

Inflammation of the ocular surface following injury, infection or from chronic conditions such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome takes a toll in the work place and in visual morbidity. Chronic inflammation associated infections is a major problem in Asia which often result in corneal blindness. Intraocular inflammation is another commonly seen condition associated with various other eye diseases.

The Ocular Inflammation and Immunology Research Group seeks to unveil the mechanisms and markers of major ocular inflammatory diseases with the goal of improving current diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The group is interested in both infectious and sterile inflammation as well as ocular autoimmune disorders of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, such as keratitis, pterygium, dry eye, uveitis, retinitis and inflammation associated with glaucoma and retinal diseases.


Our scientists and clinicians work at the forefront of ocular inflammation, furthering the understanding of inflammatory mechanisms and developing new diagnostics and therapeutics. Inflammation plays a significant role in many ocular diseases. Understanding how dysregulation of innate and adaptive immune responses leads to diseased ocular conditions is key. To combat inflammatory diseases in the eye, identification of diagnostic and predictive biomarkers and of potential targets for new therapeutics is underway with genetic-, proteomic- and cell-based approaches using human samples.



Ongoing Projects

  1. Targeting the inflammatory mechanisms in adenovirus infection and epidemic keratoconjunctivitis- Dr Nobuyo Yawata

  2. Development of biomarkers for corneal transplantation wound healing and severe corneal chemical and other injuries- A/Prof Jod S. Mehta/Dr Nobuyo Yawata

  3. Ocular surface inflammation: The role of T cells in dry eye- A/Prof Louis Tong

  4. Ocular surface inflammation: animal models- A/Prof Louis Tong

  5. Use of autologus plasma eye drops therapy for severe dry eye in Singapore- A/Prof Louis Tong

  6. Identification of the inflammatory mechanisms in fibrosis- Prof Roger Beuerman

  7. Proteomics study on ocular surface inflammatory diseases; S100 protein family as potential biomarkers- Prof Roger Beuerman

  8. Understanding the innate and adaptive immune mechanisms of CMV-related anterior uveitis- Prof Chee Soon Phaik, Dr Jay Siak, Dr Nobuyo Yawata

  9. Immunogenetics of CMV-related anterior uveitis- Prof Chee Soon Phaik, Dr Jay Siak, Dr Nobuyo Yawata

  10. Development of new diagnostics for TB-related uveitis- Prof Chee Soon Phaik, Dr Jay Siak, Dr Nobuyo Yawata

  11. Standardisation of uveitis nomenclature for disease entities-formation of database for classification criteria for specific disease entities- Prof Chee Soon Phaik

  12. Validation of a Novel Micro-fluid Cytokine Analysis Platform for aqueous and vitreous humour in normal and eyes with Diabetic Retinopathy- Dr Kelvin Teo, Dr Marcus Ann, Dr Nobuyo Yawata

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Co-Heads: Prof Chee Soon Phaik, A/Prof Louis Tong

Team Members: Dr Nobuyo Yawata, Dr Siak Jyh Kuen, Prof Roger Beuerman, A/Prof Jodhbir Mehta, A/Prof Tina Wong, Dr Seet Li Fong, Dr Liu Yu-Chi, Kaing Woon, Jessie Lim Kia Hui, Xinru Lim

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